Clients Comments

Dr. Joyce Mills is one of the best female speakers I have ever heard. Not only is she the most knowledgeable on her subject matter, but she also connects with her audience by genuinely caring about each individual. She is energetic, enthusiastic, witty, and compassionate. Her keynote speeches and seminars are life-changing events for those who attend.
Joan E. Gustafson
Success and Leadership Dynamics

"On behalf of our entire team, thank you so much for your spectacular and thought-provoking presentation."
Cindie Hubiak, President & CEO & Staff
Arizona Society of Certified Public Accountants

I had the pleasure of hearing you speak at the Entrepreneurial Mother's Association luncheon on Tuesday, July 10th.

I found your joy of speaking infectious, your content inspiring and your delivery concise and engaging. I appreciate the personal commitment you have to helping others aspire to their highest selves. You changed the idea of 'survivors' (of tragedy, of circumstances) to 'thrivers' and that is so wonderful. I am touched by the kindness of spirit you have, evidenced in your words, your delivery and your hope inducing messages.

I benefit having met you.

Athena Bel
Athena's Skin Care ... for the Goddess and God in each of us:
I feed the skin and nourish the spirit

"After attending my first workshop with Dr Joyce Mills, I had to buy and read more of her work. Her material is creative, culturally diverse, sound in teaching, rich in wisdom, and invitingly presented. She is one of the most playfully innovative thinkers and teachers in our field."
George W Burns
Clinical Psychologist
Adjunct Senior Lecturer, Edith Cowan University
Director, Milton H Erickson Insititute of Western Australia.
Author: Hypnosis in Australiasia
Nature-Guided Therapy
101 Healing Stories
Standing without Shoes
101 Healing Stories for Kids and Teens

I first heard Joyce Mills present in 1988 and my work has forever been changed. Ever since I have been inspired to use metaphor, symbol, projective and structured drawings, and storytelling methods which has enriched immeasurably my work with children and families. She is in my view one of the most creative, imaginative, and gifted child therapists and teachers in the field. Finally, she is the kind of therapist that no amount of graduate training can ensure, her natural warmth, joy, energy and love for children is infectious and workshop attendees will come away with a glow that will not quickly diminish.
David A. Crenshaw, Ph.D., ABPP, RPT-S
Co-Founder and President of New York Ass. for Play Therapy
Director, Rhinebeck Child & Family Center, LLC
David A. Crenshaw, Ph.D.
Rhinebeck Child & Family Center, LLC

"Joyce Mills is not only the world's leading creator of therapeutic metaphors she is a brilliant brain tingling and heart warming presenter. She will certainly change the way you approach life."
- Monika Jephcott, President Play Therapy International.

During her Feb. 14, 2006, presentation for ABWA's Scottsdale Express Network, Dr. Joyce Mills shared a few of her secrets for de-stressing and ways to incorporate play into our lives. She's right - adults don't play nearly enough! We figure that silliness is the terrain of toddlers - but truly, we shift when we allow ourselves to release and laugh. Dr. Joyce was knowledgeable and sincere, and spoke from her heart about her experience in teaching people how to have more pleasant lives by redirecting their focus from what does not work to what does work.

She used the brilliant example of a is the many small, shattered pieces of broken glass that create the gorgeous image we see when we look through one. The same is true of our lives...and each time we pick up that kaleidoscope, we see a wonderful new picture. I was so grateful for that analogy, and was able to implement it immediately into discussions with my own friends and clients.

Dr. Joyce is a gem. More than anything, her warmth and compassion are unsurpassed.

Laura Orsini
President Elect
ABWA - Scottsdale Express Network